Time Inc.

special editions


I designed covers for Time Inc.’s special edition books and magazines, bringing their readers the most notorious scandals in American history, a walk-through of 100 crucial days during World War II, and more. Working closely with Time’s special projects team, I stayed true to the brands—including LifeEntertainment Weekly, and People­—while spotlighting what each unique volume adds to the cultural conversation. 



Pacific Standard

digital experience


For Pacific Standard’s second photo issue, six Magnum photographers ventured into remote regions around the world where indigenous communities are waging battles against regional governments and commercial interests to remain on their ancestral lands. In order to do justice to these stark, stunning photos, we built a custom microsite to house all six photo essays in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.  



Pacific Standard

brand collateral


Your organization wants to look and feel current—I can help you get there. I’ve led rebranding efforts for publications that included complete redesigns of the company logo and print templates, staff photography, promotional videos, and stationery. My redesign projects have been recognized by the Society of Publication Designers, the National Magazine Awards, and other outlets—endorsing the kind of work we can produce when we collaborate to make your brand thrive.


Pacific Standard

gif animation


Animations can lift web stories, through smart and simple illustrations that enhance reader experience on your site. For Pacific Standard, I crafted GIFs to showcase everything from hard-hitting reporting to breaking news and culture reviews. We animated forest being cleared for a controversial gas pipeline in Oregon, angry candidates in a presidential debate, the logo of a rapper who recently got out of prison—all images to catch the eye and help tell a story.